Here’s What Happened After Antifa Attacked Wheelchair-Bound Man

Photo Via Getty Images

At a pro-police rally in Fort Collins, Colorado, over the weekend, rally-goers reportedly beat several far-left Antifa members after the radical terrorists attempted to harm a wheelchair bound veteran.

Several dozen pro-police protesters walked alongside the veteran in the wheelchair, who was carrying an American flag, as they seemingly forced the far-left activists out of the neighborhood.

Numerous people who were on the pro-police side said that the far-left agitators went after the man in the wheelchair, and suggested that was what ended up starting the fight.

Several people among the pro-police protesters stated repeatedly throughout the video that there was a kid’s birthday party in the area, and suggested that the far-left activists had disturbed the event. At another point in the video, an unidentifiable man said to the far-left activists that “as soon as you guys step away from the f***ing houses, we’re going to leave.”

The man who recorded the video said, “So, we are currently marching the Antifa commie bas****s out of the neighborhood because nobody wants Antifa in the neighborhood. Nobody wants them here, so we’re marching them out.”

“F***ing communist scum,” another man yelled at the terrorists.

Moments later, a fight broke out as the man recording said, “You guys came to the wrong the city, boys and girls.”

Another man yelled out, “Everybody keep your hands off your weapons … Keep punching each other in the face, just don’t shoot anybody.”

Moments later, police sirens appeared in the background as numerous law enforcement officials arrived on the scene. Some Antifa were seen getting involved in an altercation with the police officers and were subsequently arrested.

A spokesperson for Fort Collins Police Services said that numerous people had been arrested over “physical disturbances” that occurred.

“We respect everyone’s right to peacefully assemble to voice their concerns,” the spokesperson said. “For the safety of our community, acts of violence, destruction of property, and other unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.”

Antifa and their allies are certainly no strangers to these things as acts of violence and destruction of property have become mainstays in their playbook.

They continued their violent antics over the weekend with Antifa hub city, Portland, Oregon, seeing yet another attack on the police with “activists” blockading streets, setting fire to the police union offices, and attacking local police.

According to a press statement by the Portland Police Department, several protests had been peaceful on Saturday until a march Saturday evening blocked traffic illegally outside the offices of the Portland Police Association, the local police union. “People within the crowd committed crimes when they erected a fence, pushed dumpsters into the street to block traffic, set a dumpster on fire, vandalized the PPA office with spray paint, and destroyed security cameras,” police said.

The rioters then succeeded in breaking into the building, knocking through plywood and setting a fire inside it.

The crowd had also set several fires throughout the town, and had built several barricades, some apparently aflame, all over northern Portland.

Police attempted to disperse the crowd, and were attacked with glass bottles and lasers. Some officers were injured.

Democrats have attempted to maintain that Antifa are not a terror group despite their constant efforts to cause violence in American cities – and their willful ignorance is becoming increasingly dangerous to the citizens that reside in Democrat-led cities such as Portland.

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