Hillary Clinton-run group buys $6 million worth of ads to attack Trump on virus

By David Kamioner March 26th, 2020 | Image Source : Life Zette

On Tuesday a PAC run by a former aide to Hillary Clinton started to run ads all over the country attacking President Trump on his response to the virus.

If the PAC is run by a former aide, you can bet dollars to doughnuts Hillary approved the political strike.

This ad buy is akin to attacking Ike the morning of D-Day. While the president and his team work for the American people, Hillary and her team say this, “From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, Donald Trump has repeatedly misled the American people and exposed us to unnecessary danger. His failure to lead continues to have real life and death consequences as hospitals, local and state governments, small businesses, and millions of Americans are left without the tools and information they need.”

More proof that the Democrats do not see the virus as a public health threat. They see it as a political opportunity to hurt the president. That is all.

They don’t care one whit about whether Americans live or die. But with the stock market just registering its biggest day ever and the president and his team getting their rescue package through Congress, this Hillary ad may fall flat on its face.

Author: David Kamioner

Source: Life Zette: Hillary Clinton-run group buys $6 million worth of ads to attack Trump on virus

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