Hillary’s IT Aide Turns On Her – Looks Like Her 30,000 Emails May Not Have Been Deleted Permanently

By Adam Casalino August 18th, 2019 | Image Source: Fox News

Hillary thought they were gone for good – she thought wrong!

Republicans have been trying to expose Hillary Clinton’s antics for years, but they’ve produced very little.

That’s because Clinton was being protected by her allies, especially those who worked in Obama’s White House.

But it seems like at least one person is flipping the script—with a new bombshell revelation.

An IT aide, who once defied a subpoena, is now admitted all the emails Clinton’s team destroyed many not be gone forever.

Why? Because he sent copies somewhere for safekeeping.

From Daily Caller:

Virtually every single one of Hillary Clinton’s emails were sent, potentially secretly, to a cryptically named Gmail address, according to a new Senate report.

The finding, which has not been previously reported, means that Clinton’s emails, including classified ones and ones which were later deleted, likely existed on Google’s U.S.-based servers.

Dang. If I was that IT guy, I would be hiring private security right now!

No, I kid. It’s perfectly safe to turn on the Clintons! Why should he be worried?

This guy just admitted that all of Hillary’s emails—probably even the 30,000 Trump speaks about—are still someone on a secure Gmail server.

According to the report, this man sent every one of her emails to a cryptic server.

They’ve just been sitting there, all this time, waiting to be found.

Wow, I guess Hillary really has no clue about technology, huh? She “acid washed” her laptops and crushed phones with hammers.

But none of that matters—if someone is making a backup!

Another shocking revelation is that the FBI knew about this email account. But they didn’t reveal this to the public because they didn’t think it was important.

Um… what!? Hillary Clinton used an illegal private server. Many believe because she was running a pay-for-play scheme out of the State Department.

That email inbox might have thousands of incriminating documents. And the FBI didn’t care?

Oh, sure, there was no coverup going in the Obama administration!

All I can say is that AG Barr better get his hands on that email account… before this IT guy decides to kill himself.

Or a Gmail staffer conveniently “loses” access to it.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Hillary’s IT Aide Turns On Her – Looks Like Her 30,000 Emails May Not Have Been Deleted Permanently

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