House Republicans Take Revenge On China — And Boy Is It Sweet

House Republicans on Wednesday urged the Biden administration and Democrats in congress to take action to keep China accountable for the covid pandemic as they published their Republican roadmap for getting justice for the American public, who suffered great losses during the worldwide pandemic.

The House Republican leadership laid out eight ideas to crackdown on China, these included new sanctions along with visa restrictions against those in China who covered up details on the coronavirus outbreak.

“We must enact sanctions so they feel pain for what they have caused., Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Calif., said this Wednesday at his press conference.

McCarthy was joined by Republican Whip Steve Scalise, GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and other conservatives who said that the CCP must pay for the over 600,000 Americans who died during the pandemic. The exact source of the virus is not certain, but President Biden last month called for an investigation into the early days of the virus, including any chance it came from a Wuhan lab.

“The world deserves the truth., said Texas Congressman Michael McCaul, the top GOP member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “We have to find out because we do not want this to happen again.”

Democrats, on the other hand, said Republicans are attempting to “rewrite history” and accused former President Trump and McCarthy of not taking action during the pandemic.

“As Trump gave China a pass concerning its coronavirus mismanagement, and even applauded them for their ‘ transparency and efforts,’ the House Republican Leader was silent., DNC spokesperson Adonna Biel said in a comment. “Americans have Joe Biden and Democrats to thank for getting us through this virus, giving hundreds of millions of vaccinations, and rebuilding our economy, and they will see right through the overwhelming hypocrisy by Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans as they attempt to rewrite history.”

Author: Blake Ambrose