Hunter Biden Accidentally Reveals His Dad’s Real Illness

Hunter Biden’s confidant and therapist, Dr. Keith Ablow, continuously made allusions to Pres. Biden having struggled with dementia, according to information on Hunter’s laptop published in The Laptop From Hell, a recently released book by NY Post columnist Miranda Devine.

In Jan. 2019, Ablow offered to give an endorsement for Biden’s presidential campaign: “Anybody that beats dementia is a giant. Just think what he can do for our country’s needed recovery.’ Dr Keith Ablow.”

“Perhaps he could help us remember all we wanted since he can now recall his home address,” the mock endorsement continued.

Ablow was close to Hunter Biden and also was his landlord at one time, the book stated. In Feb. 2019, Hunter and Ablow talked about hosting a podcast with each other, with Hunter texting: “Dad will be our first guest.”

Ablow replied: “Does he remember details though, with having dementia and all.”

Hunter retorted: “Not a lot these days but since it is all fake news anyway, I do not see the problem.”

The book states: “Reached at his office, Ablow had refused to comment on the matter, but during a 2012 appearance on Fox News he diagnosed then-Vice Pres. Biden as having ‘early onset dementia.”

In Feb of last year, the DEA raided Ablow’s office. “He wasn’t ever charged over the raid, but agents took possession of a second laptop that belonged to Hunter that they found locked in Ablow’s safe in the basement. Hunter Biden had left it behind the previous Feb., and just as he did in Delaware, he ignored numerous messages to pick it up,” the book states.

A poll from June of last year, a few months prior to the election, revealed that 55% of likely voters thought Biden “is in the early stages of onset dementia.” That same month, Joe Concha, a journalist for The Hill, stated “A lot of Dems will tell you, at least in private, that he doesn’t have the mental sharpness that he even had two of years ago.”

Biden rarely held media conferences during the campaign. At 79, Joe Biden is now the oldest United States president in history. His term has had many verbal gaffes in which he seems to lose his train of thought.

He seemed to forget Barack Obama’s name on multiple occasions over the last few years, and in Oct. 2020 he apparently couldn’t recall the name of Mitt Romney, saying “I got in some trouble when we were running against that sen. who was a Mormon, the governor.”

In March of 2021 Pres. Biden seemed to forget his Secretary of Defense’s name.

Author: Scott Dowdy