ICE Agents Break Out Into Full-Blown Rebellion

Since becoming president, Biden’s mismanagement of the crisis happening at the border has been very appalling.

Migrant caravans keep heading to the U.S. in waves, detention facilities are filled with unaccompanied children and illegals have reached a 20-year high.

All of this is because of Biden’s insistence on having an open border and undoing many of his predecessor’s top immigration policies.

Biden’s immigration agenda has been both destructive and purposeful.

That agenda might also be illegal, according to a new lawsuit.

This Thursday, a group of sheriffs and active ICE officers decided to sue the Biden White House for giving “ unconstitutional and unlawful” orders to officers.

The orders, given on Feb. 18 memorandum, instructed officers to “not put aliens who are unlawfully inside the U.S. into deportation proceedings.”

“The Feb. 18 Memorandum orders ICE officers to go against several federal immigration statutes, violating the Administrative Procedure Act, and breaks the responsibility of the executive branch to execute the law, as said by the United States Constitution,” the lawsuit says.

According to the new suit, by illegally forcing ICE and other agencies to ignore the law and their responsibilities, Biden has allowed criminals to go free.

“When Plaintiff sheriffs arrest illegals who have broke laws, their offices inform ICE or Border Patrol. Before the Feb. 18 Memorandum, ICE gave detainer requests and/or took custody of these aliens and started deportation proceedings against them as the law requires,” the lawsuit reads.

“Since the Feb. 18 Memorandum, officers have not been able to take custody of, or give detainer requests for, dangerous criminals whose detention is mandated by these laws.”

“Many very dangerous illegals who would have been detained before the Feb. 18 Memorandum are now not being held—against the desires of the officers wanting to detain them, and breaking federal statutes forcing their detention or deportation,” the lawsuit says.

In other words, President Biden has mismanaged the border so greatly that his own federal agents are now suing him.

Author: Scott Dowdy