Impeachment Push Crumbling as More Whistleblower Secrets Come Out

The left’s entire impeachment push is based on a single whistleblower complaint. This complaint has already been discredited, thanks to its own mistakes and inconsistencies with the facts.

But we also know this person—who Democrats are desperate to keep unnamed—has a serious bias against the president. Now, a new detail has emerged that utterly destroys their credibility.

We have to wonder why Democrats are so desperate to keep this whistleblower’s identity a secret. This person is trying to kick off an impeachment push against the President of the United States. Their faulty, dishonest, and unfactual complaint is being used to remove our leader from office. It affects every last American—but we’re not allowed to know who it is?

There is one reason for that, my friends: if we knew who this person way, it would destroy the left’s entire plan.

Already we know this whistleblower is a partisan. They are being represented by lawyers who once worked for Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. There is no reason to believe he/she is doing anything out of the best interests for America.

Instead, they concocted a dishonest complaint—most likely with the help and approval of House Democrats—just to give them a reason to openly push impeachment.

Their Russian scheme failed, so now they are trying this.

But everything we know about this whistleblower suggests they are as dishonest as the Democrats. This entire impeachment push is a sham—and the Democrats know it.

Now another tidbit about this person has come out. And it won’t surprise you in the least.

The intelligence community inspector general testified Friday to congressional investigators that the so-called “whistleblower” who mischaracterized President Donald Trump’s call with the leader of Ukraine had a previous “professional relationship” with a 2020 Democrat candidate…

“The IG said [the whistleblower] worked or had some type of professional relationship with one of the Democratic candidates,” one person with knowledge of inspector general Michael Atkinson’s testimony told the Examiner’s Byron York.

In another conversation with York, a second source revealed: “What [Atkinson] said was that the whistleblower self-disclosed that he was a registered Democrat and that he had a prior working relationship with a current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh! I see! This Democrat who wants someone else to be elected president just happened to make a complaint to spark an impeachment inquiry? How convenient!

Why should we believe anything this person said? We now know he wanted to undermine President Trump’s 2020 chances—because he was working with another candidate!

Um… that’s a little thing called a conflict of interest.

Anyone with half a brain could connect the dots. This person got second-hand information about a phone call, from someone who didn’t even hear the call. He then crafts a complaint riddled with mistakes and lies, just to give the left an excuse to push impeachment.

Chances are, he worked with Pelosi and Schiff from the very beginning. They know this complaint was just a big, fat nothing-burger. But it gave them a reason to go public with impeachment, hoping that their hearings would find other dirt they could use against Trump.

Sound familiar? That’s exactly what Obama’s FBI did with the bogus dossier. And that’s also what Mueller, his staff, and House Democrats did with the Russian probe. These people aren’t interested in the facts. They just want to find something to use against Donald Trump.

This whistleblower is no whistleblower. He is not a patriot who is going out on the limb to expose corruption. He is a partisan hack who lied about a phone call to help his party. He is a schemer, just like the rest of the Democrats.

The really hilarious part is he thinks he can get away with it!

All signs prove that this impeachment push will doom the Democrats. They are running away with an impeachment inquiry without the approval of all Congress. They are ignoring the Constitution and will of the people.

They will lose, hard.

And when Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, with a conservative majority in Congress, Democrats only have themselves to blame.

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