Insider Confirms: Trump Is Being Hunted

John Dean, former White House advisor for President Nixon, tweeted this week that it’s just a matter of days before former President Trump gets indicted.

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen supposedly met numerous times with the Manhattan district attorney, as part of a criminal investigation into Trump’s taxes, according to the Hill.

“I promise you that you do not visit a prosecutor seven times if they are not intending on indicting the people who you have knowledge about. It is just a matter of time until DA Vance indicts Donald Trump” Dean stated on Twitter.

In February, the Supreme Court ruled that the investigation into President Trump’s tax affairs could continue, and that the tax returns must be released. 

Cohen is currently undergoing a three-year home-confinement punishment after he was found guilty of bank fraud, tax fraud and lying to congress about payoffs to a pornstar who supposedly had an affair with President Trump. 

The former Trump lawyer claimed the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow the investigation was like the “holy grail” for prosecutors seeking to indict Trump.

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