Insider Exposes Biden’s Biggest Secret

Ronny Jackson, a Texan representative who has served as physician to former presidents, is publicly wondering about Biden’s health after he fell as he boarded Air Force One.

Jackson shared his worried about President Biden’s condition in a tweet this weekend.

“I was the physician under three Presidents. I have witnessed what the job takes mentally and physically. And I can say the way President Biden is hiding from the public, that is a huge warning sign that something is wrong!” he said.

Jackson’s statement came after a series of verbal and physical gaffes from Biden. The president was recently captured on video falling down as he climbed the steps into Air Force One on Friday. White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield said on Twitter after the accident that Biden “is fine,” adding that the tumble was “just a misstep on the stairs.” The president has also had verbal mistakes, calling VP Kamala Harris “president” recently.

The former presidential physician recently made the news when a DOD report claimed the Texas GOP member drank on the job and issued inappropriate remarks to staffers. Jackson denied the allegations and accused the inspector general of bringing up old allegations because he would not betray President Trump.

“My whole professional life has been about duty and service,” he said. “I’ve honorably served my nation in the Navy, served three presidents in Washington, and now I serve the people of Texas. I would never conduct myself in a way that undermines my oath to my country.”

Jackson, who stated that Biden could need cognitive testing in February 2020, was the White House physician from 2013 to 2018 under both President Trump and Obama. He was nominated to be the leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs during President Trump’s administration but withdrew from consideration after being accused of professional impropriety. And last November, he was elected to his current post as representative of Texas’s 13th Congressional District.

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