Insider: Mandatory Vaccinations Being Prepared By The Army

The U.S. Army could be on the verge of having an internal war like none ever witnessed before in American history, and all because of Joe Biden.

According to the news outlet Army Times, an “execute” order was given directing the Army to make preparations for mandatory vaccination.

“Execute” orders, also called EXORDS, “are used when the president gives the defense secretary an order to carry out a military operation.”

The EXORD in this case was given as an update to an already existing order name, HQDA EXORD 225-21, reports the Army Times, which says it has a copy of the order.

“Commanders will keep going with COVID-19 vaccinations and prepare for mandated vaccination for service members on or near September 1, 2021,” the order says.

“Commands will be prepared to give a brief on service member vaccination status and before completion after the vaccine is mandated.”

Neither the Army nor the Pentagon have confirmed such an order. An Army spokesperson did say that the military is being “prepared” to force vaccines onto soldiers if needed.

“As an issue of policy we do not speak about leaked documents. The vaccine is voluntary. If we are ordered by DoD to change our stance, we are prepared to do this,” a spokersperson said to the Times.

Meanwhile, “The Pentagon has not given any guidance to prepare for mandatory vaccines in Sept.” a defense official also said, as reported by the Times.

If the Biden White House does move forward with mandatory vaccines, it might cause huge problems in the military.

A poll done in Feb. found that 53 percent of active-duty families were not planning to get a covid vaccine.

“40% of service members said they would get the covid vaccine, while 49% reported they would not. Another 11% were undecided. Among 613 spouses of military service members, 32% will get the vaccine, 54% reported they won’t be getting the vaccine and 14% said they had not decided yet,” according to

Author: Blake Ambrose