Insider Reveals How Democrats Are Sabotaging The Election Audit

Arizona Republican Leader Kelli Ward is warning the public about deep state insiders from Democrat Nonprofits being snuck inside the Maricopa County Audit. These people are as corrupt as their organizations are and should not be involved with the audit.

Last week, it was reported that three far-left Democratic organizations wanted the DOJ to intervene against the audit in Arizona and bring it to a close.

Of course, these groups are connected to George Soros and will do everything they can to stop the 2020 heisted election from being revealed.

Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward put out a “Call to Action” for supporters to work together and guard the audit from Democrats who are attempting to undermine the process. Ward revealed there were serious things happening causing her to think “we are reaching a tipping point” and says the audit could be in jeopardy.

She says a group of so-called “experts”, (The Protect Democracy Group and The Brennan Center) penned a letter requesting the DOJ provide Federal monitors to “watch” the Arizona audit. She says they are “aggressive, back-room, dirty players” who work with Marxist groups and BLM to destroy our nation.

It is crucial that the Arizona audit be done as planned because the ability to perform the audits needed to prove the 2020 election was stolen could be determined by its results. It is clear by the extreme measures taken by Democrats to stop this audit, that they understand what is sure to be discovered.

Ward’s video:

Author: Steven Sinclaire