Iran Will Meet With Trump, But Under One Condition

By Dan Calabrese August 28th, 2019 | Image Source: The Express Tribune

Simple enough, then. Have a nice life. No need to discuss this any further:

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani rejected the possibility of meeting with President Trump as long as the U.S. sanctioned his country, a day after both leaders appeared to be opening up to possible talks, following months of heightened tensions.

The Iranian leader’s return to his old position illustrates the pressure he faces at home from hard-line factions opposed to talking to the Trump administration and underscores the challenges of resolving the brewing crisis between the U.S. and Iran.

Rouhani showed up unexpectedly at the G7, apparently at the behest of Emmanuel Macron, and the media went bonkers because they saw it as Macron pulling a fast one on Trump – which of course they loved.

But Rouhani was only present on the periphery. It’s not like he joined the summit or took part in any of the business going on. Iran isn’t joining the G7 as long as it acts more like a criminal enterprise than a country, which is the very reason Trump has no incentive to meet with Rouhani in the first place – however open to the idea he may have proclaimed himself to be a few days ago.

About the sanctions: Those are in place because Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, and because it’s supporting terrorist forces throughout the region that are attacking Israel and destablizing Syria and Iraq. And because it’s illegally seizing other countries’ oil tankers on flimsy premises.

If Iran wants the sanctions lifted, it should be grateful for the opportunity to have a meeting with Trump at which it might explay why the sanctions should be lifted. At such a meeting, Trump could also lay out the conditions under which he might even begin to consider it.

Stop attacking Israel.

Stop supporting terrorism.

Stop seizing tankers.

These would be good starts. Iran has no interest in doing any of it, of course, which is why there’s no point whatsoever to having a meeting. Trump has much better things to do with his time than talk to people who can’t be trusted, and have never indicated an interest in anything but violence and mayhem.

So if we need to lift sanctions to get a meeting with Iran, guess what! We have no great desire to meet with Iran in the first place, and those sanctions are staying firmly in place.

Author: Dan Calabrese

Source: Western Journal: Iran’s president says he will only meet with Trump if the U.S. lifts sanctions

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