It Looks Like Kamala Is Out Of a Job — Here’s Where She’s Going Next

With her approval ratings falling to record lows, rumors are circulating VP Kamala Harris and the tensions that might be growing between her and Pres. Joe Biden.

White House insiders are suggesting there is discontent with Harris and the role that she is playing in Pres. Biden’s administration, according to CNN.

“Kamala Harris is a leader but she is not being placed in positions to lead,” a top Dem donor said. “Pres. Biden should be placing her in positions to do well, as instead of putting weights on her. If you did provide her the ability to step up as well as help her lead, it would help strengthen you and strengthen the Democratic party.”

Hidden in the report is a rumor that Biden has actually considered removing Harris from the vice presidency completely and nominating her to a Supreme Court opening.

The rumor is now spreading around the media as well.

The Daily Wire recognized that the rumor is dramatic. “Still, these kinds of things have a means of spiraling. And Harris’ dismal first year as VP likely will not quash the rumors.”

Harris’ approval numbers are extremely low.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, more than half of voters — 51 percent — disapprove of her job performance while only 28 percent approve. Pres. Biden is not doing much better with an approval rate of just 38 percent.

Is Vice President Harris a liability to the Biden White House?

The possible tensions within the White House raise questions for the Democrats ahead of 2024.

In March, Joe Biden claimed he was planning on running for re-election in 2024, Fox News reported.

However, throughout the 2020 presidential election, many voters assumed that Biden who is now the oldest president in United States history, was grooming Harris to be the next presidential candidate.

“Now many of those in her circle feel like he is sidestepping his political duties to promote her, and basically setting her up for failure,” CNN reported.

“Her fans are worried, watching her poll numbers dive even lower than Biden’s, thinking that even the Democratic base vote is beginning to give up on her.”

Regardless of the uncertainty, one Dem operative stated Beltway shakers and movers are thinking long-term.

“People are definitely playing chess right now,” claimed Nina Smith, who has worked for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Stacey Abrams. “They are trying to play the long game and see how things shift and develop.”

Author: Scott Dowdy