Jan 6 “Conspiracy” Gets a Violent Shove Into Reality

Republican Senator Ron Johnson issued a message to the chief of the Capitol Hill Police, demanding he answer questions about his agency’s Jan. 7th statement that claimed officer Sicknick, whom medical experts say died from natural reasons, died due to “injuries sustained on-duty” after “engaging with rioters.”

Medical examiner reports put out last week state that Sicknick “suffered two strokes and passed due to natural causes” after the “riot” and that there was “zero evidence” he had “an allergic reaction to chemicals” used during the event. The Capitol Police did not wait for this ruling before addressing the public.

“This raises more questions about what Capitol Police knew and what actions they took to verify certain facts about Officer Sicknick’s death before it gave its January 7th statement., Johnson said. “It remains uncertain why the Capitol Police released their statement about Officer Sicknick’s death months before an official medical examiner announcement was made.”

After this severe mishandling of Sicknick’s death, Johnson asked acting Capitol Police Yogananda Pittman give Congress more details about Sicknick up to his death and what caused his agency to release the incorrect statement.

The Wisconsin senator also asked what “misinformation” the Capitol Police was referring to in their February statement, if Democrats asked for details about Sicknick, and if his agency made any attempts to change their amplification of the Times’ false news about Sicknick’s cause of death being a fire extinguisher.

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