Jill Biden Uses Mind Games To Hide Family Corruption

Photo Via ABC

While Joe Biden hides in his basement, his wife Jill decided to attempt to brush off the explosive scandals rocking the Biden crime family as they are exposed for things ranging from corruption to child pornography.

During an interview on Wednesday with ABC’s “The View,” Former second lady Jill Biden said that “the American people don’t want to hear” the atrocities her family has committed, though she tried to claim they were simply smears.

Liberal Co-host Sunny Hostin asked, “Dr. Biden, your husband showed remarkable restraint that night when Trump repeatedly attacked your son and disrespected your family. I’ve spent a little bit of time with you, and I know how important your family is to you, and I know how protective you are over them. He continued those attacks at rallies, encouraging the crowd to lock Joe up. On Monday, he claimed that there’s some sort of solve story on the way about a scandal involving your family that will, quote, ‘Make him almost an impotent candidate.’ How do you feel about these constant personal attacks, and how do you respond to them?”

Jill responded, claiming that the stories which have been exposed after looking through Hunter Biden’s hard drive, are simply “distractions” and that voters should just turn a blind eye to it all.

Biden said, “You know, as a mother, I mean, it really, I don’t like to see my son attacked, and certainly, I don’t like to see my husband attacked, but for me or to me these are distractions. I mean, this election is not about Joe Biden or Jill Biden or Kamala or Doug. It is about the American people. The American people don’t want to hear these smears against my family.”

“ The American people are struggling right now. I mean, they’re in the midst of all this chaos they’re trying to figure out how to put food on the table, you know, they don’t have jobs, they need health care. Americans don’t want to hear this. That’s why I thought Joe did such a great job at the debate because he addressed the issues. He talked directly to the American people and said, this is what I will do as your president, and Donald Trump just ranted. I don’t even know what he was doing up there. So this time, the debate commission has said that they will mute the mics, and they’ll each get their two minutes to speak. So the American people will clearly see their choice.”

Jill didn’t even bother attempting to deny the truths about her family that have been exposed. Her odd strategy was simply to convince the American public that the crimes committed by the Biden crime family shouldn’t matter.

While Joe Biden had previously attempted to distance himself publicly from Hunter Biden’s business dealings as much as possible, the recent email exposing that Joe met with a top executive from Burisma – the Ukrainian energy company which paid Hunter handsomely for his father’s influence – has made that impossible.

Joe Biden went into hiding after the news broke – deciding almost instantly to call a lid ( a cancelation of all events) until Thursday’s debate.

Trump is expected to strongly challenge Joe on the discoveries made thanks to the Hunter hard drive and White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows indicated that Biden should be worried about finally having to answer questions about the topic.

Meadows said during a Wednesday interview, “If I were Joe Biden I’d worry about tomorrow night because the kinds of questions he’ll get to answer, even if the moderator does not ask them, certainly he’ll get asked those types of questions and he’ll have a chance to respond.”

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