Joe Biden Let’s It Slip… The New World Order Is Coming

This week, according to the WH, Biden met with up to “16 CEOs of top firms from multiple sectors including food, energy, and manufacturing” to give a briefing on Putin’s unlawful and unprovoked attack on Ukraine. There’s no question that they performed the same thing that they did with TikTokers, handing out talking points for CEOs.

While he was meeting with the CEOs, however, Joe Biden let something slip that has a lot of people talking – he stated the quiet part loud. The global pandemic, he said, presented them with “amazing possibilities” to alter things, adding that it was a “transition point” in the world that happens every three to four generations. Then he spoke of the “new order” that was on its way.

As one of the ranking military experts told me in a secure meeting the other day, sixty million people perished from 1900 to 1946… We established a free world order since then, which hadn’t happened in a long time. “There was a lot of blood shed, but it was nowhere near as chaotic. And now is the time when things are changing… There will be a new world order, and we must lead it. And we must bring the rest of the free world together in accomplishing it.”

First, I am not sure that Joe Biden understands what he’s saying from one second to the next, so his confidence in being able to lead a new world order beyond all the things it might suggest is worrisome.

On top of that, pay attention to how he framed things — the millions of individuals who are dying today have brought us to the current “liberal world order,” and now there is a new world order on the way? Please explain more, I’d want to know what else havoc is on its way. I also thought that the whole idea of a new world order was supposed to be a conspiracy. Joe Biden doesn’t appear to believe it, does he?

But here’s a hint for Joe and his handlers: We are not governed by the world — we are ruled by the Constitution. We are a free and sovereign nation, not subjected to outside influences. Yes, we have long been the world’s leader as a superpower and light of freedom. With Joe Biden’s ineffective leadership, many bad actors may believe that no longer holds true. Joe Biden appears dedicated to assuring them of that.

We saw how the pandemic lockdowns and limitations induced people to surrender their freedoms and liberties for the sake of “safety,” perceiving it as a positive choice when, in reality, it’s a slippery slope. If governments think they have the ability to control you, they will. As a result, it’s critical to keep pushing back against that slope because we have seen how quickly freedom can be lost.

Author: Steven Sinclaire