Kamala Devastated By New 2024 Poll

VP Kamala Harris has been a very controversial person for both Dems and the GOP, and according to a new poll, she could be even more controversial than former President Trump.

Harris has proven herself completely ignorant of the real nature of her problem. She has cared more about pushing her liberal policies than about finding good solutions to the increasing problems faced by the nation today.

A recent poll published by the GOP polling firm McLaughlin & Associates discovered that Trump ranked much higher for the 2024 general election than VP Harris. When asked about their choice in regards to 2024, Trump won against Harris 49 percent to 45 percent.

McLaughlin & Associates asked around 1,000 voters from May 12 to May 18. There was no margin of error given by the polling organizers.

Among the voters, 47 percent approved of VP Harris, while 48 percent saw the VP unfavorably. Of those with stronger opinions, only 27 percent said they had “very favorable” opinions about the VP, while a large 38 percent said their opinion about her was “very unfavorable.”

The numbers were gotten before Harris unveiled her visit to El Paso, Texas, where she went late last week.

And even though she may have went through with a trip to the southern border to respond to her critics, many are still slamming her for avoiding the ground zero of the crisis.

After being appointed as Biden’s “border czar” back in March, Harris did not make any moves that would satisfy her role. Her disastrous attempt at trying to deal with the border crisis has been pretty much completely terrible thus far.

Refusing to handle the crisis has been among Harris’ most severe mistakes, so it is understandable that her approval numbers are going down.

Based on this new poll, Trump won’t have any issues crushing Kamala in the 2024 election if it comes to him vs her.

Author: Blake Ambrose