Kamala Finally Has a Plan To ‘Handle’ Immigration — And It’s a Doozy

Vice President Kamala Harris has revealed the White House’s plan to solving Pres. Joe Biden’s border crisis. Instead of investing money in border security, Harris plans to make Central America a great country again. The so called “border czar” announced the strategy would combine the efforts of the private and public sectors.

“America has a vital role to play in addressing any root causes of migration,” Harris said. “At the same time, the U.S. can’t do this work alone. And again, that’s where all of you have stepped up in your roles as leaders internationally and nationally to help us get the job done.”

The administration’s “call to action” strategy will be performed in cooperation with seven businesses, including PriceSmart and PepsiCo. The $1.2 billion venture has a goal of pushing Central American nations to conform to international norms. Each business involved will fund different points of interest throughout the region from gender equity to infrastructure.

Harris also stressed how important the rule of law was even though she currently supports the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which has been known to bail out criminals linked to the George Floyd riots.

“To promoting good governance and rule of law,” stated the Vice President. “A lot of us have talked about the importance of your approach, which is to conform to international standards and norms on issues like corruption and what we could do to create positive incentives for and adherence to the rule of law.”

Harris also noted that targeting root causes for migration would help curb the influx of migrants from nations such as Honduras and El Salvador. The former senator went on to talk about the widespread popularity of her plan in Central America, claiming that the people of the region are the true architects of the plan.

“They know about the root causes strategy and they see themselves in it,” she said, “They see their own voices of leadership in this plan and we are counting on them to lead.”

The “call to action” will be Harris’ very first act as “border czar” since she visited Guatemala City back in June. Illegal immigration at the southern border has risen over 50 percent since the beginning of the Biden-Harris administration.

Author: Steven Sinclaire