Kamala Gets Major Blowback After Siding With Trump

In 2020, then-Senator Kamala Harris was among the 10 Democrats in the Senate who signed a letter to the Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf, accusing President Trump of violating federal laws by using the pandemic to close the southern border with Mexico.

Now, as vice president, however, she has changed her mind in support of that provision.

The Biden administration was met with pushback over its continued use of Trump’s policy, called Title 42, to effectively close the border. The Biden team does so under the fact that migrants crossing the border could pose a health risk to the nation.

In response, over 60 Democrats are pressuring President Biden to end the policy, claiming it has no legal basis.

But President Biden has not budged; and Harris is among the Democrats who was formerly critical of President Trump but who has also stayed quiet as the Biden administration faces accusations of using Title 42 to control immigration and not covid.

Biden is trying to fulfill on his campaign promises for immigration but has discovered that quickly changing Trump’s policies can trigger an abundance of headaches and cause a host of other issues, like processing and housing a record number of illegals.

“It’s really strange that the Biden Administration continues to use Title 42 to block and deport asylum seekers to the dangers inside Mexico and the nations they have fled,” Kennji Kizuka, associate researcher at Human Rights First said. “There are no public health problems or justifications for this policy. There wasn’t any during Trump and there aren’t any now.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire