Kamala Harris Makes a Desperate Move To Save Herself

VP Kamala Harris is apparently seeing how deeply unpopular she is among Americans; reports show she has hired two top advisers to help her craft a better image in order to help her with the American people.

“Adam Frankel and Lorraine Voles, who worked with Harris during her transition, have joined the team and will work on strategic communications, long-term planning and other organizational work, a White House official close to the matter said,” Reuters reported. The official said, “Their experience is a valuable resource for our entire team, as we map out our planning and fulfill the White House’s ambitious agenda.”

“Lorraine Voles, a communications expert, and Adam Frankel, a former speechwriter for Obama, worked for Harris during the transition and both have experience creating messages from Washington and the corporate world,” The Washington Examiner said, adding, “Among their services Voles advertises on her website, ‘marketing and rebranding’ and ‘crisis management’ earn her top billing.”

“The hires come after anxiety among some Dems about Harris’s first year as VP. Many in the party see Harris, who ran an unsuccessful presidential campaign, as the top candidate to take over from the 78-year-old Joe Biden in 2024, or in 2028 if he seeks reelection,” The Washington Post says.

Despite the fact that President Joe Biden had designated that Harris lead the White House’s efforts to deal with the illegal crisis at America’s southern border, Harris took until late June to even go to the southern border.

The BBC reported at the time, “Critics say that Ms. Harris should have gone to a tent complex at Fort Bliss, where children are being kept. A BBC investigation into the Fort Bliss detention centre discovered reports of sexual abuse along with Covid outbreaks and hungry kinds being served undercooked meat.”

In mid-August, a poll done by Rasmussen Reports revealed that a large 55% of people felt Harris was not qualified enough to be president. The survey asked, “How qualified is Kamala Harris to take on the responsibilities of the White House?”

“Only 43% of possible voters believe Harris is qualified to work as the presidency, including 29% who believe she is Very Qualified. That is lower from April when 49% reported Harris was qualified to be president. Now, 55% report that Harris is not qualified to be president, including 47% who think she is Not Qualified At All,” Rasmussen said.

Author: Blake Ambrose