Kamala Loses All Her Supposed ‘Friends’ In An Instant

Through the 2020 campaign, reports circulated that President Biden, 78, would serve just one term. Even though he stated in Dec. 2019, “I do not have plans for one term,” he would be 82 if inaugurated for another term, which means he likely will not run again.

That puts VP Kamala Harris in the hot-seat. At only 56, she would be the expected Democratic Party’s frontrunner for the 2024 race. But some Democrats believe she is not a good candidate and would not be able to defeat former president Trump if he decided to run, according to a fresh report.

“Many Democrats, including current top Biden officials, are worried that she could not win against whomever the GOP puts up — even if it were Trump,” Axios said.

One Dem. official tells reporters that while most Democrats are not saying, ‘Our heir is f***ing up, what are we going do?.’ Some Democrats near to the Biden Admin. are increasingly worried about her management of important issues and doubt her ability to keep the coalition together that Joe Biden used to win the 2020 election, sources report.

Harris has been heavily criticized for dodging the open border caused immigration crisis, even after Joe Biden made her Border Czar and directed her to deal with the situation.

For over 100 days, she refused to go to the southern border, she instead went to Mexico and Guatemala. There, she also avoided questions about when she would go to the border, telling Lester Holt that “I have not been to Europe” before saying, “I don’t understand the point you are making.”

Finally, after Trump unveiled his own visit to the southern border, Harris went to El Paso — which is hundreds of miles from the area which is hardest hit by the flood of illegals.

Then Politico published a bombshell last week, citing almost two dozen former and current vice presidential staff members as reporting, in one aide’s words, that the VP’s office was a “s***show.”

“The handling of her border visit was the latest bad moment for a staff that is quickly becoming overwhelmed by them. Harris’ team has low morale, bad communication, and lowered trust among top officials and staff,” Politico reported.

Author: Scott Dowdy