Kamala Panics After Graham Reveals His Plans For Her

Senator Lindsey Graham has said that VP Kamala Harris might be the next target of impeachment if the GOP takes back control of the House during the midterm elections.

“We’ve broken open Pandora’s box against all presidents from Biden onward, and if we continue with this model, I don’t see how Harris avoids getting impeached if the GOP takes over the House, because remember, she bailed out rioters and one of them went back onto the streets and nearly killed someone,” the South Carolina GOP member told Fox News this Sunday. “So, we’ve opened Pandora’s box with this trial, and I’m sad for America.”

Senator Graham went on to say that Trump’s second impeachment trial was an “attack on the rule of law.”

“It was not only unconstitutional … but the process was an attempt to undermine the rule of law,” Graham stated. “He’s the first president to be impeached without an attorney, without his own witness, and in the end, the trial was completely insane.”

Trump was acquitted on Saturday, 57-42, on a charge of incitement of insurrection.

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