Kamala Plays Roulette With Biden’s Life After High-Profile Meeting

VP Kamala Harris will not be quarantining herself after meeting with Texas Dems who were positive for covid-19, her office stated this Saturday.

The VP’s top Spokesperson Symone Sanders said in a comment to reporters that “it was decided that the VP and the staff that was present were not exposed because they were not within close contact with the people who tested positive and so therefore did not need to be quarantined or tested.”

Harris met with Dems from the Texas state legislature last week after they left the state to protest Republicans’ election security laws, including two of them who were later found to be positive for the virus.

“Defending the rights of Americans to vote is American as apple pie,” she said before the other Democrats applauded.

The meeting happened at the American Federation of Teachers building close to the Capitol building,

Three Dems tested positive for coronavirus, the Texas State House Dem Caucus confirmed over the weekend after their trip, even though both were completely vaccinated.

The Texas Dems took a private jet to DC, to stress their protest and were seen not wearing masks during their travel.

But VP Harris and her people did not seem concerned about spreading the coronavirus as a result of the meeting.

“The VP and her staff are completely vaccinated,” Sanders said in her comment.

Harris kept to her normal schedule after being in the room with Democrats who later were found to be positive for the deadly virus.

She appeared near President Biden on Wednesday and also welcomed German leader Angela Merkel to the White House late last week.

The White House would not respond to a question from about whether President Biden was tested as a precautionary measure.

This comes at a time when the Biden Administration has worked tirelessly to force the vaccination onto Americans. His team’s efforts to push the vaccine, along with masks, as crucial steps that all Americans should take, are now coming into perspective. Americans should see these actions from Kamala Harris as hypocrisy of the highest order. For the her to meet with so many people, in close proximity, it shows the elites have one set of rules for us, and another for themselves.

Author: Scott Dowdy