Kamala Suffers Another Huge Blow To Her Reputation — White House Forced To Respond

With VP Kamala Harris now reflecting a record-low approval, CNN cited “certain West Wing aides” in a recent report about “entrenched dysfunction and the lack of focus” from Kamala Harris and her people, though the effort seems to be more about throwing her people under the bus while supporting Harris as a viable candidate for 2024 should Biden not go for reelection.

The reporting came as VP Harris came back from her France trip and got a spirited dismissal from her team, who said the effort was “gossip,” but there is no denying of a VP resume that does not have any major accomplishments or that Harris has been a total failure in the top task she was assigned — the southern border.

“Many in the VP’s circle sat she is not being prepared, and instead is getting sidelined,” CNN’s Edward-Jasmine Wright and Isaac Dovere wrote. “The VP herself has told several people she feels constrained in what she can do politically.”

“She could be only a year away from starting a presidential campaign, given doubts about Biden’s reelection, something he has promised to do. Or she will be a critical validator in three years for a President attempting to get reelected him to serve until he is 86,” they said. “Few insiders who talked with CNN believe he has been well-prepared for whatever role it will be. Harris is working with a rough relationship with some sections of the White House, while long-time supporters say they feel abandoned and see no public sense of what she has done or been attempting to do as VP. Being the first woman, and the first woman of color, in a federal elected office is historic but also comes with greater scrutiny and no forgiveness for even small problems, as she will often mention.”

Naturally, race would be an issue in the liberal article that was based on interviews done with almost three dozen current and former Harris aides and administration officials, DNC operatives and donors, but there was also finger-pointing, as Wright and Dovere mention “top Democrats” to blame the White House in their article.

“She is seen to be in such a weak spot that top Dems in and outside of DC have started to speculate why the White House has allowed her to become so hobbled within the public consciousness,” the article says.

White House media secretary Jen Psaki stepped in to save Kamala by tweeting about her being a “crucial partner” to Biden.

“For anyone who has to hear it. She is not only a crucial partner to Biden but a bold leader who took on key challenges facing the nation,” Psaki said.

Author: Blake Ambrose