Kamala’s Staff Members Flee In Droves — Soon, She’ll Be The Only One Left

Two more staffers are now joining a growing group that is leaving VP Kamala Harris’ office under one year into her tenure.

Peter Velz, Harris’ director of media operations, and Vince Evans, the VP’s deputy director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, are believed to be vacating their roles in the VP’s office soon for other positions in the Biden White House, according to The Washington Post.

Velz and Evans’ reported their expected departures come right after Harris’ top spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, announced in a message to the VP’s team that she was leaving her role by the end of the year. Sanders would not offer to stick around until a replacement was trained or found.

“I am so grateful to the VP for her confidence vote from the start. I am grateful for Tina Flournoy and her leadership and confidence too,” Sanders said in her farewell message to staff. “Every day, I come to the White House complex knowing the work we do makes a tangible difference for American citizens. I am very grateful and will miss working with all of you.”

Flournoy added: “Symone told the VP two months ago that she would be leaving us at the end of 2021. I have often said that no role is too big or too small for Symone.”

Communications director Ashley Etienne issued her resignation from the VP’s team in November. She is also expected to leave soon.

“Ashley is an important member of the VP’s team, who has worked endlessly to advance the agenda of this administration,” a Biden official said, “She is leaving in December to pursue different opportunities.”

Harris’ team has been hit by dysfunction during their short time in office, mirroring the chaos that plagued her presidential campaign for president. Harris also suffered from bad public approval in recent polls. The White House has worked to publicly defend the VP amid news of her falling approval.

But that effort has been in vain, as Kamala Harris’ team seems to be abandoning ship faster and faster as time goes on.

Author: Scott Dowdy