Kayleigh McEnany Gives Biden a Scorching Insult

Former Trump team member and press secretary Kayleigh McEnany this week stressed the contrasts between President Biden’s crisis-encumbered presidency and Trump’s White House with one telling way to compare the two.

Only seven months into his time in office, Biden has been hit with a series of problems, ranging from America’s southern border being wide open to the Middle East — crises that directly harm Americans’ safety more than anything Trump was connected to during his whole four years.

On Fox News “Fox News Primetime” while talking with host Jesse Watters this week, McEnany summed up the disaster that the current White House compared to its predecessor.

“When Trump was president, you did not see crisis after crisis,” she said to Watters during a discussion about Biden’s falling poll numbers. “You just did not see it.”

Many people might have believed they were witnessing chaos during the Trump White House, as the establishment media went crazy and tossed away its credibility to try to derail Trump at every turn.

Speculation about unfounded leaks, reporting on fake dossiers and other controversies showed the Trump Administration as a spectacle.

But that was the liberal media projecting itself onto the person it hated.

In truth, the Trump White House was very effective, considering the constant attacks it came under from unprincipled political enemies and their media lackeys. Its accomplishments with the economy were impressive.

But once it became certain that Biden would be president, the liberal media’s Democratic Party allies tried to pretend that “adults” were back in power.

Just look at McEnany’s replacement in her briefing room, Jen Psaki, trying to explain why the Taliban are choosing what the United States military does in Afghanistan this week:

The bar is now set low. Almost eight months into the Biden White House and we now see what “adults” means to the stooges in the media.

The country is coming under a resurgence in coronavirus cases as Biden’s health “experts” are obsessed with mandates and other types of control.

The current increase in cases connects with the border crisis that Biden has created. On top of having possible human super spreaders coming across America’s southern border, those people are also being allowed to go into communities across the nation.

Despite the hoaxes targeting Trump for four years, it’s obvious to see that Biden has destabilized Washington and turned the government into a laughing stock.

Author: Scott Dowdy