Kid Rock Sends A Video To Donald Trump — And Liberals Are Furious About It

This week, former Pres. Donald Trump kicked off Kid Rock’s 2022 tour with a crowd-pleasing video address from the stage in Indiana.

The “Cowboy” star played a message from Donald Trump for the audience before performing at the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana, last week, according to the NY Post.

“Hello, everyone. I adore each and every one of you,” the former president declared as the video started, according to a fan who was at the show.

“I realize you are having a fantastic time at the Kid Rock concert this evening,” Trump said as the crowd applauded. “To be honest, he’s amazing. All of you that are attending are truly the foundation of our great nation. God-fearing patriots who love rock-and-roll who work hard.”

“Bob is, without a doubt, one of the best entertainers of all time,” Trump continued. “Not the greatest golfer for sure, but a fantastic entertainer and that is why you’re there.” 

“Let’s all keep loving one another, defending our God-given rights, and most importantly, let’s make America rock again.” Ending the speech as he put on a red MAGA-style hat reading “Make America Rock Again.”

Kid Rock came on stage immediately after the president’s speech to perform his latest assault on Pres. Biden, “We The People,” with its refrain of “Let’s Go Brandon.” 

The new song, which targets the left’s favorite coronavirus scold, Anthony Fauci, is also critical of him. Last month, when he was on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program and blasted the dr. with a “f*ck Fauci, Rock didn’t hold back about what he thinks of Fauci.” 

“You represent a lot of people when you declare that. Did you trust him at first, Dr. Fauci?” Carlson inquired.

“I trusted in the beginning,” he continued. “This film was being made at the time. I felt terrible. I’m in here spraying off UPS shipments and doorknobs, and after a few months of that stuff, I’m like, what?”

America loves Donald Trump and the establishment cannot stand this fact. Chances are there are many more celebs in Hollywood who like what Trump has to offer, but feel compelled to keep silent.

Author: Scott Dowdy