Leftist Court Ruling Changes America Forever

A federal judge ruled this week that students of the opposite gender should be allowed to shower together in a dorm in a Missouri Christian college.
Judge Roseann Ketchmark decided in her ruling against the College of the Ozarks, which sued President Biden’s admin. over its transgender policies.

The college challenged the executive order stopping schools from blocking children’s access to the bathrooms of their choosing.

“Women should not be forced to share private areas, including showers, with males, and religious schools should not be punished because of their beliefs,” Julie Marie Blake, senior Attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom, told reporters after the decision.

“Biden’s overreach victimizes women and people of faith by removing their legal safeguards, and it must be prevented,” she said.

The college now faces six-figure fines if it violates Joe Biden’s order. School administrators report they will appeal the judge’s ruling.

“We expect to appeal to make sure schools and colleges are not forced to violate their beliefs,” College of the Ozarks spokesperson, Valerie Coleman said. “We will keep fighting.”

Author: Blake Ambrose