Leftist Militants Starts Rounding Up Conservative Parents House By House

Critical race theory whistleblower Christopher Rufo is now exposing another insane action taken by a school board that does not take kindly to criticism from Americans.

In Austin, Texas, two parents were arrested and tossed in jail for using their free-speech rights in separate incidents.

“The battle lines are obvious: on one side, the Biden White House, bureaucrats, and their armed police; on the other, conservative families who are against school closures, enforced mask mandates, anti-white propaganda and corruption. Public school officials have showed a willingness to use brutal police tactics to intimidate and silence their opponents,” Rufo said in the NY Post

“If parents want to succeed, protesters must keep organizing and fighting corruption and abuses of power by school leaders.”

This particular controversy came up in Round Rock, Texas, earlier this year where the school district has its own police force.

“In one case, Dustin Clark, a father and now retired Army Captain, said to the board that it was not legal for them to pass a tax increase while district police kept parents out of the meeting,” Pedro Gonzales said in Chronicles Magazine, while saying that this was happening in a red state

“In another case, Jeremy Story, a father of seven, gave evidence that the board covered up an alleged assault by Hafedh Azaiez, the superintendent against his mistress. Story was physically stopped from finishing his comments by police officers working under orders from the superintendent,” Gonzales said.

Both men were captured at their homes and charged with disorderly conduct with intent to disrupt a meeting, which is a Class A misdemeanor, and they both spent one night in the Williamson County Jail. The arrests allegedly happened one day after Story issued a legal grievance.

Concerned parents had an all-night vigil outside the facility before the two was released the next morning.

Watch a report from Austin NBC affiliate KXAN that frames the dispute as being about the mask mandate and parent access to the meetings.

There also seems to be some bureaucratic blame-shifting, as reported by KXAN.

“KXAN has asked both the Round Rock School District and the Williamson Sheriff’s Office why a warrant was given for the two men. The Sheriff’s Office referred us to the RRISD Police even though court documents reveal the sheriff’s office conducted the arrests. A spokesman for Round Rock ISD would not answer our question but did confirm that the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office was the arresting agency.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire