Leftists’ COVID Narrative Collapses Thanks To This ‘Red’ State

Texas’ coronavirus cases and deaths have cratered in the month after GOP Governor Greg Abbott removed the state’s mask mandate.

Since the governor removed the state’s mask mandate on March 2nd, Texas’ covid cases have decreased by around 4,000 per day, while deaths have decreased by 137 per day, according to the NY Times’ virus tracker.

Many Democrats said that Texan deaths would go skyward after Abbott’s move.

Texas has an average of 3,224 new cases every day, the lowest amount since June 19. The state also has an average of 88 deaths each day, the lowest since November.

“Texans have acquired the habits of avoiding covid,” Abbott explained when he removed the mask mandate, which he initially put into place in July. Companies are still able to force their customers to wear masks.

Texas’ new daily cases have lowered to their lowest since June of 2020, when it experienced its first surge. Abbott said the spread of coronavirus was “at an unacceptable pace … and it must be stopped” in June.

Democrats slammed Abbott’s choice to eliminate the mask measure, claiming it would mean new coronavirus deaths. President Biden said it was “Neanderthal thinking,” while California Governor Gavin Newsom said that Abbott’s decision was “reckless.”

When Abbott removed the mask measure, Texas averaged 232 deaths and 7,253 new cases over a seven-day time frame. Now the state has averaged 3,224 new cases and 88 deaths over the last week.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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