Leftists Furious After Top Democrat Betrays Party, Votes Red

The Democratic party is going absolutely berserk after Democratic Senator Joe Manchin announced on Sunday that he was a firm “no” vote on President Biden’s radical “Build Back Better” plan – with some Democrats refusing the decision made by their colleague.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, slammed Democrat leadership and said that “no” was simply not good enough for her.

“People can be mad at Manchin all they want, but we knew he would do this months ago,” she said. “Where we need answers from are the leaders who promised a path on [Build Back Better] if [the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework] passed: Biden & Dem leaders. *They* chose to move BIF alone instead of w/ BBB, not Manchin. So they need to fix it.”

Manchin’s announcement dooms Democrats’ chances of passing the multi-trillion social spending bill, which experts say will add to the national debt, despite the Biden administration’s repeated claim that it would cost nothing.

Ocasio-Cortez quickly lashed out at Manchin following his announcement, writing on Twitter: “When a handful of us in the House warned this would happen if Dem leaders gave Manchin everything he wanted 1st by moving BIF [Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework] before BBB [Build Back Better] instead of passing together, many ridiculed our position.”

“Maybe they’ll believe us next time. Or maybe people will just keep calling us naïve,” she continued. “Either way, we cannot accept no for an answer. Dem leadership — incl but not limited to the President himself and House Dem leadership — wrote a massive check on their credibility the night of the BIF vote in order to secure the votes they needed, *promising* passage of BBB.”

“To every member who brought up Manchin, they personally promised they had a solution & BBB would pass. It is simply not an option for Dem leaders to walk from BBB, voting rights, etc. They must find a way, just as they promised they would when we raised this inevitability,” she continued.

“Some of us don’t have the luxury of giving up. We serve working, middle class, & poor people. We serve everyday workers getting ripped off & immigrants & Black communities & queer kids needing shelter. We will not walk away from them. And leadership can’t walk from them either.”

Other radical Dems, such as Senator Bernie Sanders, claimed that they need to force Manchin to vote.

Sanders said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Manchin does not have the guts to stand up to special interests – claiming that was the reason Manchin was electing not to support the act.

Sanders said, “He will have a lot of explaining to do to the people of with West Virginia to tell him he doesn’t have the guts to take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs, why he is not prepared to expand home health care. West Virginia is one of the poorest states in this country. Elderly people and disabled people who would like to stay at home are forced into nursing homes. He has to tell the people of West Virginia why he doesn’t want to expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing, and eyeglasses.”

He added, “I hoped to have at least 50 Democrats on board who have the guts to stand up for working families and take on the lobbyists and the powerful special interests. No Republicans, not one Republican in the United States Senate or the House for that matter, is prepared to stand up to the drug companies or the insurance companies or wealthy. I hoped to have 50 Democrats. If that is the case, then I hope we will bring a strong bill to the floor of the Senate as soon as we can and let Mr. Manchin explain to the people of West Virginia why he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to powerful special interests.”

Author: Lucas Franklin