Liberal Heads Explode After DeSantis Invents New Version Of “Let’s Go Brandon”

As we have previously reported, Dems and the media have absolutely lost their collective minds over the widespread “Let’s go, Brandon” chant, a phrase that has been shouted all over the country and even went international after a NASCAR reporter laughably said that is what the crowd was yelling (even though they were really chanting “F*** Joe Biden”).

Most recently, there was one report filed last Friday by the AP that alleged a pilot used the “LGB” catch phrase on the intercom during a flight that a reporter was on. While Southwest Airlines reported they were “investigating” the event, the over-the-top reactions from liberals to the news was even more proof of just how crazy the issue makes them.

During a media conference earlier today on what he wanted to turn into legislative priorities for 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis smoothly stepped into the “Brandon” debate by saying that the Biden White House was the “Brandon administration.” As you can see from this clip, the crowd loved this and started chanting “LGB.” But clearly the crew at “Recount” did not appreciate this, nor did any of the liberals who replied to the tweet:

In his comments, DeSantis said “it is what it is” about the chant before then pointing out that former President Trump was treated much worse. He also said that the NASCAR reporter was attempting to “cover for Biden” by saying that something was being chanted that obviously was not true:

“Do you know how that started?” the governor said. “You have the media, they are worrying about this. It was during a NASCAR race, and they are doing an interview with the driver, and his name was Brandon, and the crowd begins chanting a ‘very colorful phrase’ about Biden.”

DeSantis then said that some liberal crowds had said “a lot worse about Trump” during his time in office.

What is really vulgar about what’s happening right now is not this chant, but all the damage being done to this nation thanks to Brandon – I mean Biden himself. Virginia voters replied accordingly this week, and the rest of America should follow them during the upcoming 2022 midterms, which are already shaping into a disaster for Democrats.

Author: Blake Ambrose