Liberal Media Admits The Truth: The Coronavirus Narrative Is All a Lie

CNN Medical Analyst Leana Wen has joined Victor Blackwell to give advice for Americans as the Omicron panic takes over mainstream airwaves before Christmas gatherings. And one warning she issued to her viewers was about masks and is raising eyebrows among liberals.

“We should be keeping these events safe,” Wen — who previously was the president of Planned Parenthood before being removed after one year with the group — said about the New Year’s Eve celebrations. “We cannot cancel everything especially if we are going to be living with coronavirus for the foreseeable future,” Wen said in an accidental debunking of President Joe Biden’s quixotic campaign pledge to “shut down covid-19.”

For those who choose to go to the celebrations in Times Square or elsewhere, Wen stated “I would make sure that you are boosted, make sure that you are wearing a mask even though it is outdoors.”

Wen advised that, “If there are many people around you, wearing a simple three-ply surgical mask” would give you protection but also told viewers that they should not “wear a cloth mask — cloth masks are just facial decorations — there is no place for them given Omicron,” Wen said.

Excuse me? Cloth masks — which are now peddled everywhere from Etsy to grocery stores — are “just facial decorations” now? Ok got it. But the Biden Administration doesn’t.

As we have covered back in August, another CNN correspondent — former Biden adviser and University of Minnesota Disease Researcher Michael Osterholm — similarly stated that “many of the face coverings people use today are not effective in lowering virus movement in or out.” But the White House, through Press Secretary Jen Psaki, went against Osterholm’s conclusion.

Wen’s comment is also reminiscent of a Fauci email in early 2020 stating that “The normal mask you buy is not very effective in keeping viruses out, which are small enough to go through the material.”

So the Biden White has known for many months that there are issues about some masks’ efficacy, but they have rebuffed these warnings and kept pushing for masking without informing Americans the whole story about which ones really work.

Author: Blake Ambrose