Liberal Media Forced To Apologize To Republicans

The Washington Post gave up and admitted on Wednesday that the GOP does not support any defunding of police after the White House’s assertions that Republicans do back such measures.

“Although the GOP all oppose President Biden’s covid relief program, no one voted to remove, or defund, anything,” WaPo said, as WH press secretary Psaki said on June 23, when she stated, “That was voted into law by Dems just some months ago. Some could say that Republicans were for defunding the police; I will let others say this, but that is a piece.”

WaPo said that “voting against an infusion of funds is not the same thing as voting to remove funding, so there is not much basis to say that the GOP are attempting to ‘defund the police.’”

The paper also stated that Psaki was not the only person within the administration trying to spin the story.

A top adviser to President Biden, Cedric Richmond, was referred to in the article for his statement June 27 while being interviewed on Fox News, when he stated, “the truth is, the GOP defunded the police”

“Let’s discuss who defunded the police. When we were inside Congress last year attempting to pass … an emergency program for cities that were in need of cash and laying off firefighters and police, it was the GOP who objected to it. And in fact, they did not get the money until the American Rescue Plan, which, our program allowed local and state governments to replenish their police depts. and do the other things which were needed. So the GOP is very good at repeating talking points of who uses ‘defund the police,’ but the fact is, they are the ones who defunded the police.”

The liberal news outlet, however, did not say anything about all the times the Democrats have used the phrase “defund the police” in their rhetoric.

One has to wonder just how worried the Democrats are for the upcoming midterms, and the 2024 election, if they are going out of their way to attempt to brainwash Americans into forgetting about the riots of 2020 and Democrats’ support for defund the police movements.

Author: Scott Dowdy