Liberal Media Goes For Rand Paul — His Wife Makes Them Regret It

In the most current episode of “CNN being CNN”…

“Lamestream” media pundits across the liberal plain continue to grit their teeth over the proof last week that “infectious disease” expert did actually lie to Senator Rand Paul during his hard questioning from the Kentucky conservative about whether Fauci supported — or had knowledge of — the gain-of-function research being done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

One of these lamestream media pundits is CNN reporter Brianna Keilar, who this past Friday kept going with her hissy fit, saying that Senator Paul was an “a**,” leading to Paul’s wife Kelley to return with her own insult aimed at Keilar.

But we will get to that in one minute.

As we reported this past Wednesday, the NIH confirmed that Dr. Fauci, the Director of the NIAID, essentially lied to Paul during his Senate hearing which happened on May 11th, 2021.

And Senator Paul took a long-awaited victory lap using this simple message:

And Keilar? She is raging. Then Paul’s wife Kelley jumped in to also have a word or two with the host.

After the release of the NIH letter — which specifically goes against what Fauci and the NIH Director Director Francis Collins have routinely said (in other words lied about) — Kelley took aim at Keilar and CBS host Gayle King for their usual sleazy actions, as The Blaze reported this Sunday.

Ooh, that must have left a mark.

Surprisingly, Keilar actually apologized for her completely biased attack against Senator Rand Paul.

Just kidding — the CNN liberal actually doubled down.

Keilar then sent out seven more tweets — every one exemplified what we have come to expect from Brianna Keilar and her CNN liberal allies. Here is the first:

Keilar kept going.

“Now about the ass thing. Seeing as Senator Paul is really full of it I do believe it is a good metaphor. He said New York City had “community immunity” from coronavirus when the immunity was said be around 22%. He told Americans to toss away their masks during the peak of the pandemic.”

“Dr. Fauci and health officials must answer questions about their oversight of this United States-funded research. No official is immune from public scrutiny. But Senator Paul, who is a bloviator of misinformation, is not the person for that job.”

“A bloviator of misinformation.” Really, CNN?

I wonder if the liberal media ever thinks that if it tried this hard with researching the truth instead of completely shilling for the Dem Party, it may become a real source for news?

Author: Steven Sinclaire