Liberal Narratives About America’s Hospitals Proven To Be a Big Fat Lie

A recent study — which is still under peer review — but published by The Atlantic, a liberal news outlet of all places, puts the fearmongering over the amount of hospitalized people with Covid-19 into perspective.

Most notably, the study which was done by researchers from Harvard, Tufts Medical Center, along with the Veterans Affairs System, discovered that many of the people who were “hospitalized with Covid-19” are not in the terrible situations promoted by media and top Democrats.

The main narrative-breaking takeaway scientists came to: “Around half of these patients showing up on the COVID dashboards this year might have been admitted for another reason all together, or had only a small case of the disease.”

Instead of the terrible stories of healthy people getting admitted with COVID who are then intubated before their body then succumbs to the horrible virus, there are many people — almost half — who are in hospitals *with* COVID, but not due to COVID. Yes, some tragic situations happen, but it is happening less than what many Americans believe.

Instead of every “COVID hospitalization” reported as a life-and-death issue that mandates a huge reaction, the true number can come from different scenarios. Perhaps a person is getting treatment for cancer and, during admission, they tested positive for COVID but were asymptomatic, for example. Also included are psychiatric admissions completely unrelated to coronavirus.

Here’s how researchers found the truth after looking at electronic hospital records for nearly 50,000 hospital admissions at over 100 VA hospitals:

“They checked to see if the patient needed supplemental oxygen or experienced a blood oxygen under 94 percent. If either of these issues was met, the authors said the patient was having moderate to severe covid-19; otherwise, the case was thought to be mild or even asymptomatic.”

And for people who were vaccinated against coronavirus, the percentage of the hospitalizations for people with mild or asymptomatic cases increased 57 percent. But, another panic-breaking finding from this study: “unvaccinated people had less severe symptoms, on average, than previously in the pandemic: The study reported that 45 percent of them had mild or asymptomatic cases since January 21.” That good development, according to one of the study’s researchers, is because of the patients being younger and being more likely to have already had COVID.

Author: Steven Sinclaire