Guess What Liberals Think Is “White Supremacy” Now

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” or “1984”? Nope. Ray Bradbury’s novel called “Fahrenheit 451”? Yup. Maybe some other dystopian novel regarding life in the future totalitarian America? This comes straight from the published pages of the WaPo. You know, the “Democracy will die in Darkness” type of guys?

More like “Individual Liberty and Freedom will Die in the Darkness of what’s called the Radical Left.”

In a WaPo “Made from History” op-ed that was titled The Ottawa Trucker’s Convoy Is Rooted within Canada’s Colonial Settler History, Taylor Dysart, has awkwardly argued that “a person’s entitlement to freedom is the main component of White supremacy.” After I carefully dissected the garble, I was then able to get to the root causes.

Before we start, unlike the million other articles about the Freedom Convoy, the totalitarian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, or anything else that has to do with Ottawa, my focus will not be on “any of the above.” Instead, it will be more about the lunacy of Ms. Taylor Dysart and other lunatics who think as she does, and the unfortunate released pages of said lunacy by an American institution that was once-proud.

Needless to say, Taylor Dysart spends most of her time blistering the Freedom Truck Convoy and anyone who supports it, including what she has called “center-right” and “right-wing” figures in the public— the eclectic trio of Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Donald Trump.

Here is our first snippet of Taylor Dysart’s drivel, via WaPo:

“While the truck convoy’s supporters have characterized their protest as a peaceful movement on the streets, uninformed by “race, politics, religion, or any other personal beliefs,” many of the supporters have been linked with or expressed Islamophobic, racist and white-supremacist viewpoints.”

“When Tucker Carlson interviewed interviewed Benjamin J. Dichter, he cemented his place among the movement’s top leaders, Dichter rambled on and likened the western Canadian provinces to “a third-world nation,” due to its immigration practices.”

“In Ottawa, numerous reports have captured protesters without masks brandishing Nazi, Confederate and “Trump 2024” flags. Police have started dozens of criminal investigations and made over 20 arrests, including for carrying guns in a public place.”

Again, my main focus is not on the province of Ottawa, including the Gestapo-like tactics of cops on horseback.

While I have grown tired of the fixation with all-things to do with Ottawa, many days ago, I do not seem to remember seeing any videos of Nazis, white supremacists, Islamophobes, or anything other than what can be called peaceful protesters. No matter; the agenda-driven radical leftists around today— and today’s Dem Party — now view everyone and everything that they oppose through their made-up lens of “white supremacy,” “bigotry,” and “systemic racism.”

“The truck convoy has surprised many onlookers in the U.S. and Canada,” Dysart says— and lied. “Both because of the explicitly violent and racist perspectives of some of the top organizers and because the action is violating the norms of Canadian ‘politeness.’” Au contraire, she says, “the convoy has represented the extension of a strain of the Canadian history that has long put itself behind ‘unity’ or ‘peacefulness’ : settler colonialism.”

“Settler colonialism,” which is defined in part by the Oxford Bibliographies as “a system of power that continues to perpetuate the repression and genocide of the indigenous cultures and peoples.”

One word on this: Insane.

Now, the crazy crux of Taylor Dysart’s woefully misguided efforts (emphasis, mine):

“The mainly White supporters in the Freedom truck Convoy argue that the pandemic mandates have infringed upon their freedoms. This notion of “freedom” has been and still remains connected with Whiteness. Slavery within America and around the globesays otherwise, as Tyler Stovall who is a historian has argued.”

“The belief that an individual’s entitlement to freedom is the main component of White supremacy. This also explains why the Freedom truck Convoy perticipants see themselves as being entitled to freedoms, no matter what the consequences of public health are to anyone around them.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire