Liberals Are Terrified Of Incoming ‘Trump Revolution’

Reacting to a new Atlantic article, a “fact-based” Meet the Press group, without any evidence, claims that ex-President Trump and his conservatives supporters are planning to stage a coup — or Insurrection 2.0 — in 2024, an allegation which he says is not hyperbolic.

According to reporter John Heilemann, who is ironically is the editor of a website named The Recount, asserted that this possible conspiracy is “fact” on the Sunday morning NBC show.

“There is this research that reveals that something like eight percent and possible as high as 12% of the American people now believe that Biden was illegitimate and violence is a good tool to restoring Trump,” he said.

“That is a number of 20 or 30 million people. That is a mass movement in America supporting political violence, which is something new. We have had violence in America before…but this is 30 million people who are now taking up arms. You put this together with what Trump and his allies are doing in statehouses, state legislature, and the party itself, to engineer a situation where they are in a better position to stage a coup in 2024 than they were back in 2020; that is not hyperbolic at all. These are the facts.”

Heilemann was one of many reporters who pushed the Russia hoax and at one time wondered if United States Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) might be “compromised” by Putin.

The NBC panel also did not mention the riots that swept across the country in 2020 which some say was tantamount to an insurrection itself.

Parenthetically, Trump insisted that the true “insurrection” happened on Election Day, Nov. 3, owing to a stolen election during a flurry of mail-in ballots instead of the chaos at the United States Capitol on January 6.

Another MTP panelist who was said to be a “Republican strategist” lamented how Donald Trump’s endorsement in elections around the nation was very influential.

“If we have people all over the nation who are put in a position where they won’t certify an election result, that is the nightmare scenario that I am worried about. It’s very clear that’s what they are trying to do all across the nation. And then you take it one step further, the true nightmare is the GOP Congress in the House that will not certify a democratic election further down the road.”

The main takeaways are that liberals are concerned that MAGA Republicans, instead of RINOS, will win the Congress in 2022, i.e., in what may be described as a totally peaceful protest, and that Donald Trump will win a second term two years after this.

Author: Scott Dowdy