Liberals Demand That Terrorism Laws “Be Applied To Parents”

The liberal National School Boards Association is now begging President Biden to use the domestic terrorism laws to go after parents who are against mask mandates for children and the increasing level of anti-white curriculum in schools.

In a letter sent this week, NSBA asked the Biden White House and federal police to “deal with the increasing number of violent threats and acts of intimidation happening across our nation.”

“Now, we ask that federal officials investigate and prevent these threats and acts of violence on our school officials through current statutes, executive authority, and task forces, and any other extraordinary measures to guarantee the safety of our children and teachers and to protect public school infrastructure,” the letter says.

NSBA said state and local police agencies are already seeking to “stop further disruptions to school services and district operations,” but that “these acts of violence and threats have become more common” and require assistance from federal agencies like the DOJ, FBI, DHS, and the Secret Service.

“We also request the help of U.S. Postal Inspection to intervene with threatening letters and cyberbullying that have been done to students, school members, administrators, and other teachers,” the letter says. “As these actions of malice and threats against school officials have gone up, the classification of these actions can be the equivalent of a form of domestic terrorism or hate crimes.”

NSBA asked these agencies to use laws designed to go for domestic terrorism like the PATRIOT Act. The group also wanted a new executive order “to enforce all federal laws for students and school personnel, and any connected measure.”

The organization cites new “attacks” and what they call “physical threats” against school members and other officials based on what the NSBA says is “propaganda pushing the false inclusion of critical race theory inside the classroom” and anti-mask sentiments as the cause for the intervention.

“These acts and threats of violence are affecting our country’s democracy at its very foundation, causing school members — many who aren’t paid — to resign or discontinue their service after their terms,” the letter says. “Further, this growing violence is a danger to civic participation, in which other people who have been thinking of service have reconsidered their decision.”

Author: Blake Ambrose