Liberals Plan Classes On How To “Eradicate” Whiteness

Faculty at California’s East Bay University are being given cash to sit through anti-racism training — to the amount of $1,200, as the College Fix has reported.

The cash gift are for teachers and professors who go to the “Anti-Racist Pedagogy Academy” the news outlet said.

The brochure, which was from professor Reyes, claims that critical race theory is “a race-conscious way to look at the ways in which whiteness is made normalized within our University and our nation,” it was reported.

“CRT uses an intersectional way to interrogate racism within the U.S.,” the data sheet says, according to the news outlet, saying that people who participate will research how they can “aim to get liberation conditions for whiteness to be eradicated.”

Reyes would not respond when asked to define “whiteness.”

“Participants will get $600 for their completion of a summer class and another $600 for their follow up work through the Spring semester,” professor Michael Lee revealed in a May email.

Lee — who is a member of the seminar committee — also would not answer questions about the definition of “whiteness.”

The attendees will be taught how to “incorporate anti-racist approaches” into one syllabus, the outlet revealed, also adding that people who participate will create their own courses in such a way “planned to meet anti-racist goals and encourage inclusive learning.”

The program brochure notes that the college faculty have a “sacred responsibility” to learn these topics.

“We have the sacred duty to support and nurture the human Condition,” the brochure says, according to College Fix. “We must not take this responsibility for granted, as the continuing psychological and physical attacks on our humanity continues to amounts that many of us, especially the students, have not witnessed before.”

The College Fix also said it had reached out to another professor, Kim Geron, who also did not respond to their requests for clarification of the term “whiteness.”

Author: Scott Dowdy