Liberals Target America’s Founding Documents In Shocking New Way

Liberal NPR threw a fresh twist on its annual reading of the Declaration of Independence recently, saying it was a document with “deeply ingrained hypocrisies.”

Citing the riots of last summer after the killing of George Floyd and a “reckoning about race,” the outlet said that, this year, the words within the historic document “land differently.”

“It famously says ‘that all men were created equal’ even as women and enslaved people and Indigenous Americans were not seen as equal,” NPR wrote in their article.

It said that America’s founding document was edited by the Continental Congress after being penned by Thomas Jefferson, with them removing references to the slave trade at the request of certain members of the Congress.

“But a slur against Native Americans remained,” it said. “The passage says that King George III ’caused domestic insurrections’ by the Native Americans, who the document declares as ‘merciless Indian Savages.’”

NPR also had statements from a Native-American writer David Treuer, who said that a deeper analysis into history revealed that one of the reasons for colonists wanting to fight against the British over who would have claim over the lands to the west of the colonies.

“The crown wanted the money for themselves. The colonists, wanted it for themselves. So the entire revolution was fought over who got the land,” he said, before saying that there are numerous thoughts and opinions from the people making up the 5 million Natives living in America. today, many of whom are “deeply patriotic.”

“The declaration is a document with deeply rooted hypocrisies,” the NPR article said. “It also created the foundation for our collective dreams, and hopes for what America could be.”

The NPR has been criticized before for being anti-white and supporting mass immigration into America, Europe, Canada and Australia. They are a funded by tax-payer money.

Author: Steven Sinclaire