Liberals Use Clever Trick To Sick Antifa On Concerned Parents

A viral video clip of a school board meeting in Minnesota reveals that the chairwoman ordered parents to give their home address before speaking.

Jodi Sapp, the chairwoman of the Mankato school board, was recored on October 18 telling a man he could not talk if he did not give his address, the Washington Examiner said this week.

“The man promptly objected but eventually gave in after trying to give vague answers citing concerns that his house would get target for vandalism,” the outlet said.

The video bleeped his address out and stressed that Sapp repeated his address to ensure it was heard.

Sapp previously said that anyone who spoke during the open forum could not criticize school board members and the meeting was “not a meeting which belongs to the public,” the Examiner article went on:

“If any speaker broke the rule, then the open forum would be quickly closed for the rest of the meeting and the offending person would be banned from ever speaking at a school board meeting again.”

“Sapp also said that any reaction to comments, including cheering or applause, would also lead to the open forum being closed. Alpha News reported that this change in the open forum rules came after the school board’s October 4th meeting in which people who spoke out against mask mandates and vaccination rules and a number of the audience members applauded the community speakers.”

However, the Mankato Area Meet the Board website said it wished to hear from parents and urged them to ask questions, share their stories, and give ideas.

Meanwhile, a surgeon who works in a health clinic within Fergus Falls, Minnesota, was fired after talking at the school board meeting about the rights of parents to choose the health protocols for their kids, including whether or not to force them to wear masks.

“And now many Minnesotans are rallying for Dr. Jeff Horak and his freedom of speech,” Breitbart News reported.

This comes during a time when Biden’s White House has been criticized for seemingly targeting outraged parents as “White nationalist terrorists” after they got a letter from the National School Board requesting that they investigate parents using laws meant to fight terrorists.

Author: Blake Ambrose