Lindsey Graham Flips Again, Says Biden Has Great Ideas We Should Listen To

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina this Sunday pushed back on his Republican colleagues’ statements that President Biden’s promise to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court is one example of affirmative action, saying instead that he supports making the bench “look American.”

Biden said this past Thursday he would only nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court after Justice Stephen Breyer revealed his plans to retire, repeating statements he made as a 2020 candidate during a Dem primary debate in 2020.

Graham said during his interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that selecting qualified black people to serve in American organizations is not the same as picking someone because of their race.

“Put me in the camp of ensuring institutions look like America. You know, we make a true effort as GOP members to recruit people of color to ensure the party looks more American. Affirmative action is deciding somebody is not as well qualified for past wrongs,” Graham said.

This comes after Mississippi GOP Senator Roger Wicker said during an interview that Biden’s Supreme Court nominee would be the “beneficiary” of affirmative action and an strange pick since the court’s recent choice to hear two cases about affirmative action in relation with college admissions.

Graham also showed that he is a “huge admirer” of South Carolina Judge J. Michelle Childs. The White House said that Childs was among those the president is thinking of nominating for the Supreme Court seat.

“Michelle Childs is very qualified,” Graham said. “There is no affirmative action component if you pick her if she is very qualified.”

He also pointed out that he does not think there is a difference between Joe Biden’s pledge to pick a black woman for the United States Supreme Court and former President Reagan’s promise to select a woman but reiterated his belief that nominating Childs or another black woman is not affirmative action.

But of course that is not true. By blocking non-black candidates to the Supreme Court, the U.S. government is breaking its own anti-discrimination laws and giving the green light to companies across the country to do the same. Their hope being to impoverish white people.

Author: Blake Ambrose