Liz Cheney Continues Anti-Trump Tantrum Spree

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney (Wyo.), the recently removed chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, said this Sunday that Republicans who still support Trump are “misled.”

During her interview on “Fox News Sunday,” she was asked why she keeps criticizing Trump, seemingly alienating so many Republicans who support him.

In response, she called Trump the “real danger” to America.

“Former President Trump is the real danger. What he is saying and doing, his refusal to accept court decisions, his claims about the election being stolen. What he is trying to do is causing people to believe they cannot depend on our elections to convey the will of Americans,” Cheney said.

“We must be a nation of laws. If you reject the court rulings, if you work against the decisions of courts, then you are at war with America’s Constitution,” she said. “He is an ongoing danger to our system.”

Despite being removed from her leadership role in the House Republican lineup, Cheney has doubled down on her criticism of Trump.

Just moments after being removed, Cheney said to journalists, “I will do everything to make sure Trump never gets anywhere near the Oval Office again.”

Author: Blake Ambrose