Look What’s Coming To The Southern Border At Biden’s Command

Yet another large migrant caravan and flood left from Southern Mexico to go toward America’s southern border. Around 400 people join together in the Mexican state of Tapachula over the weekend, despite efforts by Mexican leaders to disperse the crowd of migrants.

“The truth is we are done staying inside the city of Tapachula,” said Carlos Correa, who is a migrant from Colombia. “The Mexican Commission on Refugees will not respond to us and it will not give us an appointment until Jan. or Feb.”

After numerous clashes with Mexican security officials and troops, the caravan left for the United States border. The migrants said they have exhausted all their options to get to the United States legally and decided to go to the border instead.

“The United Nations Refugee Agency is not helping us anymore. We cannot survive in the city of Tapachula,” Correa said. “We are requesting the Mexican government to please allow a humanitarian pathway for us so we can go to the U.S. southern border.”

President Joe Biden and his border czar and Vice President Kamala Harris have come under renewed negative press for their unwillingness to stop migrants from flooding into the United State while many hundreds of thousands of illegals were caught at the United States-Mexico border so far in 2021.

This comes at a time when Biden’s new controversy is the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he and his administration botched with a mismanaged troop movement that led to the deaths of 13 American military servicemen.

But even with President Biden’s problems in foreign nations, polls are still showing that most Americans are more concerned about mass immigration when compared to globalist conflicts and interventionist wars.

The open border agenda went unchallenged until Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, a campaign that was fought against like never before by Democrats and establishment Republicans alike.

This speaks to the unspoken agreement among many GOP insiders and the DNC that mass immigration is the way forward for America due to a low birthrate. However, these same lawmakers and pundits never mention that the birthrate is low due to their own terrible globalist economic policies.

Author: Scott Dowdy