MAGA Americans Brilliantly Take Control Of Biden’s Schedule

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) spoke about why the White House kept President Biden from going to the 122nd yearly Army-Navy Game this Saturday because of a fear for the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” chant among the football audience.

The Navy-Army football game was recently held in New York City. As conservative reporters said on Saturday, the Biden White House broke historical presidential tradition by not having Joe Biden show at the game.

“I do not know for sure why he did not go to the game,” Zeldin said during an interview. “However, I will state this –, and I will put this on the record as my opinion, and it might be a fact — if President Joe Biden went to yesterday’s football game, there was a great possibility that you might have the loudest ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant ever recorded.”

He continued, “The whole arena may have roasted completely out of MetLife Stadium.”

“It might have been a decision done by the Biden Team that if he travelled to the game — I believe — it was a very good chance that he would get roasted right out of the stadium,” he said.

Zeldin commented, “There are many thousands of Americans in the arena not in there uniform, and that certainly a stadium not happy with the job performance of President Biden.”

He said, “If I were to guess how the reception would have went — I agree that the cadets would not have participated in the roasting — but there were many tens of thousands of other Americans who, I believe, would have given Joe Biden a welcoming that he would not have enjoyed.”

During a post-race TV interview with racer Brandon Brown during a NASCAR event back in October, one race crowd chanted, “F*ck Joe Biden.” And to coverup this chant, Kelli Stavast from NBC News said the crowd was chanting the phrase, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

Since this event, the “Left’s Go Brandon” chant has turned into a trendy way of slamming Joe Biden without having to use the F-word. The chant was shouted events, including at football games and other types of events that draw big crowds.

Author: Blake Ambrose