MAGA Lawmaker Reveals The True Horrors Happening In Ukraine

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has called attention to reports of torture and human rights abuses carried out by pro-Ukrainian forces. Greene tweeted a thread of evidence showing how women and children are being brutalized by the Ukrainian administration, which is heavily backed by the West.

Some will dismiss these astonishing facts as “Russian propaganda” in order to look the other way while others are growing more convinced that Ukraine is engaged in egregious behavior as they fight to stay in power.

Ukraine has prohibited political parties and criminalized dissent, according to reports from Big League Politics. With crisis actor-turned-imperial puppet Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky pushing for World War 3, Ukraine is becoming increasingly dangerous:

“Ukrainian Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky has issued a law imposing 15 years in prison on those who express pro-Russian sentiments.”

“The president’s office has been pushing for the bill to get through parliament. Zelensky signed a decree stating that “cooperation with the aggressor nation,” which includes pro-Russian sentiments, can result in up to 15 years in jail.”

“According to the People’s Deputy, the first deputy parliament speaker Oleksandr Kornienko wants at least 20 “unpatriotic” Parliament members who have been forced to leave the country imprisoned for having pro-Russian opinions.”

“Ukraine is taking draconian actions as their corrupt puppet government struggles to stay in power. This adds more proof that they are losing the fight against the Russians.”

After Zelensky’s speech to Congress, which encouraged the US president to go further in his aggressive treatment of Ukraine and other countries involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Greene urged for restraint. Her words showed that she was incredibly perceptive when she called for caution following Zelensky’s address.

“It’s past time for America’s decision-makers to take a more rational approach to international activities, and it’s past time we broke the military-industrial complex’s grip on our government and policymaking,” Greene concluded.

“There can be no doubt that Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine are heinous and depraved. We grieve when we see images of people wounded or killed. We regret any loss of life, and we feel sorry for anybody who suffers. However, we cannot and must not let our compassion cloud our judgment or common sense,” she added.

“Because this will not be like any entanglement the United States has previously been involved in. A future war with Russia isn’t comparable to Iraq or Afghanistan. This is an eight-year-long conflict, in which peace treaties have been frequently violated by both sides. It’s about a nation where Joe Biden, Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi all have personal financial stakes—a country whose government can only exist as a result of the Obama State Department’s assistance to overthrow the previous regime,” Greene concluded.

That is correct. America needs to keep out of this quarrel and allow Russia and Ukraine to resolve their issues on their own. In order to avoid future needless conflicts like this, NATO should be disbanded as well.

Author: Steven Sinclaire