MAGA Lawmakers: The Invasion Of America Is Happening Now

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (from AL), who is now running for Alabama’s one open Senate seat, says Pres. Joe Biden is “breaking” the U. S. Constitution by not protecting states from an “invasion” at the United States-Mexico border.

During a new discussion with Breitbart News this week, Mo Brooks told about his recent trip to the Mexican border where he watched federal immigration officials constructively welcoming illegal aliens and border crossers to the United States by putting them on buses and moving them to a processing site, where a lot of them will probably be released into the U. S..

“There is no security at the border,” Brooks said.

It is shocking and in my judgment, it breaks Article 4 Section 4 in the U. S. Constitution that requires states to have protection by the federal government from an invasion … most people believe [an invasion] is an armed force such as an army. But, that is not the definition of the word ‘invasion’, it is not that limited,” Brooks said. “It also includes illegal activity on America’s southern border and Pres. Joe Biden is completely in violation of Article 4 Section 4 of the U. S. Constitution.”

Mo Brooks said states on the border should “begin protecting their own border and say that the federal government and President Biden was guilty of violating its contractual agreement … to protect these states from invasion.”

Mo Brooks said a case like this would go to the U.S. Supreme Court where he said the border states would probably win their legal case against the Biden Admin.. On a U. S. level, Mo Brooks said Americans must oppose Dems and “wimpy RINOs” who are supported by corporate interests.

“We have elected people who have the political power to import these folks who are mostly on welfare … and so that is a made-for Democrat vote,” Brooks said.

“And we have groups with special interest who are spending tens of millions of dollars to support wimpy RINOs in Republican primaries — people who support open borders and won’t say anything about bringing in cheap foreign labor and does not care if it destroys American families,” Brooks continued.

Brooks said, Katie Britt, his Alabama GOP Sen. primary opponent is one of those Republicans.

“The open borders interest groups in America have looked at six people running for Senate in the state of Alabama and they decided on Katie Britt as being the weakest person on border security,” Brooks stated.

“They are investing tens of millions of dollars trying to help an open borders, candidate get elected to the United States Senate and Katie Britt is their choice as that candidate,” he continued.

Katie Britt, the past CEO of the U.S. Business Council in Alabama, recently had a fundraiser filled with members of the failed movement “Never Trump”. Donald Trump Jr., once called her “the Liz Cheney from Alabama.”

Author: Scott Dowdy