MAGA Republican Goes Head To Head With Democrats And RINOs

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not backing down to leftist attacks, doubling down on her MAGA stances, and the voters are rewarding her by giving her more money.

Greene has announced she has brought in almost $200,000 to promote her patriotic agenda and defend against deep state attacks to silence her. Trump supporters are supporting her big time, as the establishment assaults prove she is capable of defending America just as her voters wanted.

“I can’t thank you people enough for the overflowing support I’ve got today. We’ve brought in over $160,000 to send a message to the establishment: It’s Citizens over politicians,” Greene wrote on Telegram.

“I’m honored to represent my constituents, the America First Patriots, in Washington. THANK YOU!” she said.

Greene has not backed back down as House GOP leaders join with Democrats to oust her from her current committee assignments over numerous fake news. 

MTG’s defiant tweets prove exactly where she stands:

These deep state attacks are giving MTG the authenticity and profile she deserves and needs to take the America First movement forward after former President Trump’s departure from the White House. The voters in Georgia have made a great choice by electing her.

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