MAGA Republican Makes RINOs Pay

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, Fla., has asked for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to remove turncoat GOP members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger from their committees.

Republicans Cheney, Wyo., and Kinzinger, Ill., sit on Pelosi’s partisan House select committee that is investigating the events around the January 6 violence in Washington. The two anti-Trump lawmakers were put onto the committee by Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Calif.

“They have crossed the Rubicon, and joined the other side,” Gaetz stated this Thursday during his “Firebrand with Matt Gaetz” podcast.

“So how do Kinzinger and Cheney justify their critique of Trump for breaking norms when they are participating in Stalinist tactics like the tyrannical left uses?”

Gaetz stated that Republican McCarthy, Calif., must remove Kinzinger and Cheney from their committees that they serve on given their membership in the Republican House conference.

“Anything less is weak and inviting attack,” Gaetz stated, “and our leadership should not invite attack against our people.”

Gaetz said McCarthy’s process usually is not to have “strong replies to things,” though the leader did give lip service to conservatives after the committee reported they were seeking phone records of GOP lawmakers.

“How can conservatives trust McCarthy to fight Nancy Pelosi when he won’t even deal with Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney?” Gaetz said.

Gaetz said he and other Republican firebrands — like Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina and Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia — were getting pushback from the partisan committee, which was very sneaky with its tactics.

“They have not yet sent subpoenas,” Gaetz said. “If your phone provider gets a subpoena for your records, you will get a notice — the opportunity to ask for a court to block the request. Litigation demands that parties put up or shut up. It can reveal a witch hunt.”

“So instead of this subpoena, they sent me a preservation demand, first in secret. Then they leaked the names of targeted conservatives to smear us using the cloud of criminality.”

Gaetz said the Dems method is not new..

“Smearing political leaders you do not like using lies and leaks. Does this sound familiar?” he said. “It’s right out of the the playbook that Congressman Adam Schiff used against President Trump during the fake Ukraine impeachment.”

Author: Blake Ambrose